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Blockchain Based App Concepts

1. Convenience 2. Incentives 3. Discovery 4. Accountability


Inspiration often strikes in the most unexpected places.

For me (and this piece) it emerged from the memetic energy in the $degen channel on Farcaster, a high-signal web3 social space.

Further encouragement has been derived from Onchain: a Farcaster experiment in long-form content, curated by Phil (Bright Moments).


Connect with me to share your thoughts on the concepts below e.g. in the comments below, on Twitter (@papajimjams), Farcaster (@papa), Lens (papajams.lens), and/or via email papaandthejimjams(at)gmail(dot)com.

Final piece published & collectible on, subscribe.

1. Convenience

Memecoin ETFs /…